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EBC Performance Brake Kits


Smashing Anyone's Kit Price by $15!
Speed Attack Brake Systems

Speed Attack Brake Rotors

Best Performance & Value
Performance Brake Pads


Find Good, Better, Best Choices
Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors

Drilled & Slotted Rotors

Our Most Popular Rotors
Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines


For a Firmer & Higher Brake Pedal
Big Brake Kits

StopTech & Brembo Big Brake Kits

From $2K to $10K - Stunning Performance

Brake Experts! Factory trained and here to help you select Performance Brake Kits, Brake Rotors, Pads & Lines

Which Brake Pads Should I buy?

Determining which compound or brand is the best brake pads to buy is answered by our brake experts daily. We'll ask you about your vehicle to start, but also about your wheel/tire size, driving style, brake dust and brake noise tolerance and budget all play a vital part in determining which pads we'll guide you to for meeting your vehicle/driving needs best. Give us a toll-free call and we'll make choosing the best brake pads easier.

What are the best brake rotors and brake pads for towing?

Call us and we'll talk about your vehicle specifics, wheel sizes and driving environment.

What are the best brake kits for simple daily driving?

We can keep it cheap or upgrade you to a Stage 1, 2 or 3 Kit without breaking your budget. Call us, let's talk budget, brake brands, vehicle specifics and driving environment.

What are the best brake rotors and brake pads for performance driving?

These are our most engaging calls, let's talk about how much power she's got under the hood, your driving style/speeds, your wheel and tire sizes and about the local road/highway/canyons that you run her on.

What are the best brake rotors and brake pads for track use?

Seriously? This is easy, but big budgets get a different answer than starter budgets. And for those just getting into racing and track events, fear not... we've got solutions for all racing levels and track environments.

BuyBrakes.com's selection of Performance Brake Kits include pre-matched Brake Pads and Rotors as packaged kits are one of the most cost effective upgrades you can perform on your vehicle.

As your factory trained brake experts, we'll help you select the best 570-678-9419 and Rotors if your looking for a budget setup for your daily driver, and Street Performance Pads and Rotors for your tuned up street machine. Hauling and Towing is also covered with our selection of Truck/SUV Brake Pads and (208) 504-7404.

If your looking for 6185536771 we have those too! Anything from Big Brake Kits by manufacturers like Brembo & Stoptech to 1-Click Brake Kits from Powerstop & EBC. Our brake experts on call ready to help out and answer any questions you may have. So go ahead give us a call 888-257-7149.

Use our brake expertise and buying power to meet your braking needs!

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