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Our optimized interface requires no learning. Just use like a traditional TV and follow your instinction

Joyful Experience

Smooth and responsive experience, no lagging or long-time buffering. Enjoy this gifted product


Our new android box gives you more smart features and abilities to install other apps

Easy Setup

No need to be tech-savvy. Install the product with quick-guide in 2 minutes

Popular News Channels

From global news to Somali trivia, our exhaustive news channels cover all the live events no matter near or far. CNN, BBC, Sky News, ABC, Al Jazeera, Somali Channel, SNTV and more.

Premium Sports

You love sports, so do us! European soccer, check. NBA, check. UFC, check. American Football, check. Live HD sports channels 24x7. Game time!


Maandeeq TV is for family fun. We don't have adult channels. Instead, we know your kids will love Disney channels, MBC 3, Gulli and more. You can also use our parent lock feature.

True Entertainment

Take full advantage of our products. Enjoy fast HD streaming and multi-media local play in your living room. Maandeeq TV is highly stable compared to other products in the market.

YouTube Supported

You can watch all YouTube contents on our Maandeeq IPTV with the ability to use your remote to browse or search.


Hate wires? Our IPTV STB can connect by Wifi. Go wireless, life is easier because of that.

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