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The Fore-front of discrete, fast, effective I.T. Security Cosultancy.

Australian based advanced I.T. Security researching, consultancy, penetration testing and more...


Who are we?

As a new innovative team in I.T. Security research, we provide numerous expertise and help based upon your discrete needs.

I.T. Research

Haybreaker Computing is backed by hours of security research to provide the basis of information to protect your systems, assests and all valuable possesions.

Penetration Testing

Haybreaker Computing have a plethra of tools, research and resources to provide consultation and penetration testing, to ensure we find any holes not found by a general scan or test.


Haybreaker Computing is of the understanding of being discrete, We don't and won't advertise our clients to ensure there is no hole in finding your security information.

Revolutionary Systems

Haybreaker Computing is in development of the most revolutionary System protection program to date. Using A.I. based software we can learn how system infections work and defend against them.


What we do to set us upart.

Many computer companies exist and so do security professionals, but here is why you should choose us in the era with growing needs for full I.T. Security protection.

Professional Expertise

We provide expertise of at least 5 years of I.T. training and certificates. Acumulating various certificates, awards an extensive amount of experience with computers and I.T. Security.

Advanced Programming

The programs we develop to protect devices use an advanced A.I. program to identify patterns, trends and learn new virus's unwanted functions and more. To keep your system safe before some programs even know one exists.


We work to your needs. We won't charge you for services that you dont use. If you fit our package we will tailor every detail to your company. If not we will reduce costs and find a way to work within your needs, rather than paying for services you'll never use. Isn't that genuine?

I.T. Security Researching

Haybreaker computing prides ourselves on being at the fore-front of I.T. Security research. With research in all areas, from wireless communications to physically trusted devices, you can ensure that we'll know your vulnerabilities and how to protect you from the start.

Muli-Layered Protection

Not only do we report and analyze your needs. Home, Business, or More, but we provide multiple layers of service unlike other companies. After reporting and analyzing we provide solutions, tools, and products that all fit your purposes, unlike those that download a single prechosen tool.

Gift Wrapped

From the moment you use our services, we will package everything nicely. From the reports and analysis in your business workings, to the explanation of everything. in choosing us to act upon any problems. We will package all services and products nicely, and make payment a nice easy solution too!


Purchase here our packages

Below are our subscription packages for software and advice. For Business advanced testing. Contact us.

Personal Device

$20 per month

For 1 device

Advanced anti-virus and file protection program

  • 1 Device, Per month
  • A.I. Integrated
  • ProductSupport
  • Unique strength in Anti-Virus
Learn More708-286-0438

Small Business Subscription

$200 per month

10-15 Computers

For the small to mid sized business

  • 10-15 Computers
  • 24/7 Program Support
  • Discount on security services.
  • -
(754) 779-1138(787) 557-9207

Server Hosted Anti-Virus

$1000 per month

Server Based Anti-Virus

Server based anti-virus to scan all types of files for malware or virus'

  • Windows & Linux Servers
  • 24/7 Full Time Support
  • Video Employee Training
  • QuaterlyFollow-Ups / Support
(580) 439-20409516745788

Private Services

Price Upon Contact

Remote or local assistance for all those in need.

  • Reliablecommunications
  • Physical and Remote access utilities
  • User / Employee Training / reports
  • All Technologies and Systems.
Learn More

*All prices listed are in Australian Dollar format

Hear What Our Clients Say.

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    Large Chain - Finance Anonymous Client, Finance Operations.

    Haybreaker Computing was incredibly effective in making sure we are safe and reliable in terms of security. Before working with their team I didn't realize all the various ways we could be giving out information to hackers or other unwanted persons. Through tools, research and some training we can now say we are much better off.

  • Author image
    Large Chain - Anonymous Anonymous Client - Anonymous Sector

    We asked the team at Haybreaker Computing to work with us anonymously, swiftly and test if they could access our computer systems to know for sure if we were safe. They worked incredibly quickly and discretly to finding a number of key components that could of lead to the loss of very sensitive information. I'm glad we chose them. Thanks Haybreaker Computing.

  • Author image
    Haybreaker Computing Anonymous Clientel and Services.

    Most of our clients here at Haybreaker Computing wish to stay anonymous, Therefore our more direct marketing and more discrete web setup. We love to share our success stories but also value that companies don't always want you to know who runs their security or could find vulnerabilities. Please respect these clients and leave them be in their anonymity.


Questions and Answers.

All the questions and answers you might need to know!

What security features can you offer?

Our research sector covers all areas, from software exploits to access unauthorized data to wireless frequencies such as car keys. Feel free to ask if we specialize in your area of need or if we can adapt our work for your team.

I already have a I.T. Professional?

Would you pay a carpenter to install your home security and monitor it? Of course not, It should be the same with your highly important and confidential I.T. data. We provide experience and solutions that normal I.T.professionals don't.

I only have one computer, do I really need security?

Yes indeed! The type of information on your computer is still highly valueable no matter the number of devices you own. One device or a thousand, we know that you still require the best security available. Call us for an enquiry on what you may be vulnerable to and a quick quote.

Other than my computer, is there anything to worry about?

As unfortunate as it is to say, yes. Everything from car key remotes, IR readers, physical devices as well as mobile devices are all vulnerable and could give away your information. Or reveal data on how to access your computer. Professional advice is the best way to find out what you should do.

Where was the company built from?

Founder and CTO, Jesse R. Hayward, has been passionate about I.T. Security in all aspects for many years and has carefully and slowly brought this passion through to Haybreaker Computing for many years. Built on our passion here we've been loving our work for years.

What's the weakest security point?

This varies per person / business. But in general the most lacking part of security in todays world, is education. People lack the very basic general needs to know wether they are safe or not in todays world. Quick simple training via person or our book can help reduce your risk by 90%.


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